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Cherubins Day Nursery


Q) Are you OFSTED registered?


A) Yes, our last OFSTED rating was GOOD 
Q) How do I arrange a visit?


A) You can book in a show around by calling the nursery on 0208 773 3882 and we can arrange a suitable time for you to come to visit the nursery
Q) What time does the nursery open?


A) Our core hours are 8am-6pm but you can book in extra hours from 730am-8am or 6pm-630pm 
Q) How does the key person system work?

A) Your child will be assigned a key person after 6 weeks of settles to see what staff member they make a close bond with. Their key person will do weekly observations on your child and you will have a parents meeting every term with a report to allow you to see their progress development. 
Q)  How do you communicate with parents?


A) You will receive a handover every day, letting you know what they have eaten, activities, toileting and sleep times etc. 
In the baby room, you will have your own personal book to take home where you can put in additional information from home how they have slept or any messages to pass on that you may not remember when you are in a rush to work! From Apples room and over we have an online system where you will receive a daily email with all the relevant information. 
Starting Nursery 
Q) What is your settling in policy?


A) After receiving your confirmation letter you will have three settling in sessions booked in. The first session will include completing paperwork, during this time your child will be settling in which allows us time to collect as much information as possible.   The second and third settle session will be for two hours to allow your child to get used to the staff, children and routine.  If you feel nervous leaving your child we do encourage parents to ring as many times for the staff to keep you updated on how they are doing throughout the day. 
Q)What do I need to provide the nursery with when my child starts?


A) A bag, full of spare clothes 


In addition to the above, we will provide you with a full list of the various items required for your child upon registration.

Q) What if my child is ill?


We do ask if your child is ill to try and keep them at home until they are well enough to return to the nursery, this to stop the spread of infection to the other children and staff. We do have exclusion policy for various illnesses which can be found at reception. If they are deemed to be too unwell to be at the nursery i.e sickness, you would be called to come and collect your child. 
Q) Can I book extra sessions?


A) Yes, of course! Just call in/ email management for them to check the availability for your child's room 
Q) Do you accept childcare vouchers?


A) Yes, we accept all vouchers as well as the government tax-free scheme!