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All of our nurseries at Caterpillars Day Nursery Carshalton are situated specially renovated, mainly detached buildings with a Victorian design. At Caterpillars Day Nursery formerly Carshalton library has been newly refurbished to the highest standard. The Grade2 listed building is equipped with vast amount of space indoors and outdoors for children to explore freely. We understand that there is a lot of diversity in cultures and religion amongst the children, and we take that in to account in the nursery. We believe that every child has a right to practice what he believes in, and we understand each of their individual needs and aims.

For children from 3 months to 5 years old, the nursery provides a very warm and welcome atmosphere. We try our hardest to assure parents that their child will be treated in the best possible way. We believe that parents are the best educators, and we respect their involvement to the fullest. We allow for maximum participation between parents and children so as to make their move from the home to the nursery as seamless as possible.

We also make sure that parents/ guardians are kept informed of their children’s whereabouts at all times. In order to do that, we will assign a key person, who will not only observe how your child develops, but who will also establish a settling producer for your child as well as you. Parents will also be able to have a quick chat with the key person when they come to drop off their child. Your key person will also provide you with the general progress of your kid, as well as their sleep times and feeding patterns.

This is an Ofsted regulated day nursery Carshalton, hence it comes fitted with the latest technological enhancements. Parents are able to share their experiences as well as their skills and time to help in the development of the nursery as a whole. At Caterpillars Day Nursery Carshalton
, we understand that each child has their own individual needs and wants, and that is why we plan ahead for each day so as to make it as fun as possible for all children. All of the activities are carefully thought over and designed for the child’s age and upbringing. These meticulously planned activities will go a long way in bringing about holistic development in your child. Our expert staff will use their expertise to create a specialized plan for each child in order to create a proper, stimulating environment for your child.

Specialized Needs

We understand that each child has their own needs and wants, and as a result of this, we try to create an environment that solely focuses upon the needs of the child. We have a special needs coordinator who comes with complete qualifications and has had a vast amount of experience when it comes to dealing with children who have special requirements.


Our baby room is specially equipped to make your baby’s first forays in to the world as good as possible. We have numerous textures and materials that will help in your child’s development, while we employ top of the line sensory equipment to help your child grow.

Pre School

We try to make pre- school as fun as possible for your child. We understand that caring for your child is our number one responsibility, and we try our hardest. Your child will come across numerous learning and playing experiences through pre school. We try to help children grow their confidence and independence on their own. We know that children are curious learners, and as a result, we have designed activities and provided resources that will allow them to use their brains to the fullest.

Early Year’s Foundation Stage Curriculum

We have a strong belief that children only learn through playing and mental stimulation, and that is why we have created a wide spectrum of different activities both indoors and outdoors that are aimed at maximizing your children’s input.

Every child will be put through a play based curriculum that will aim to bring out the best in them. The curriculum is designed to improve their skills, both mental and physical and develop them in the following areas:

Personal, social and emotional development

Allows children to create relationships with others, and make friends. Also allows them to manage relationships in groups. Their environment is designed in such a way that it helps them in learning these values.

Communication and language

Children are encouraged and supported to develop confidence to be able to express themselves, using a wide range of communication skills for example; babbling, few simple worlds and forming more complex sentences. This is an essential key of every child learning, enabling them to build positive relationships with others and make sense of the world around them.

To encourage children to take an interest in a wide range of books, both listening and exploring books independently. To support children to develop confident and take a positive interest in writing skills, using a wide range of activities and utensils.


We provide a range of different practical scenarios for the children in order to help them in developing an understanding of mathematics. Children are put through a range of different experiences while help them in laying down the foundations of basic science, design, information and communication technology, history as well as geography.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

We encourage the asking of children, as we understand that they are curious learners. We encourage them to experiment, and get an understanding of the laws of the world that we live in. We help them in understanding the importance of history, geography, as well as provide them with basic religious education.

Physical development

We help and support children in developing themselves physically, teaching them how to handle different kinds of equipment as well as teaching them how to handle themselves accordingly.

Creative Development

At Caterpillars Day Nursery Carshalton, we encourage children to participate in numerous different activities. As a child’s imagination opens up, they are able to express their ideas in a much better fashion, and this encourages creative development in them. They are able to use the mediums of art, music and role play in order to bring their ideas out. This is what we put to use in order to develop a child’s creative understanding and ensure maximum mental stimulation.

We understand that meticulous planning is needed to make sure that a child develops as well as possible. That is why we assign a ‘Key Person’ to your child in order to make sure that your child is always engaged in healthy activities, and that he/ she understands what they are doing.

All observations about children are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This allows us to monitor every child’s individual development and also allows us to record their learning in the Individual Learning Journal. Basically, this is a compilation of all your child’s interests, achievements, as well as developments throughout the time that he has been with the Caterpillars Day Nursery Carshalton.

Extra Curricular activities

Children are also offered the chance to learn Spanish or French at an additional cost.

Computer Branch/ Library

There is a top of the line library and computer room as well. All children have the option of polishing their computer skills and get IT development. Children will become acquainted with specialized software programs that will help them in covering topics that are taught in schools. Toddlers will also get access to computers, as they will be able to play stimulating games.


Children will be taught the basics of gardening, such as how to plant seeds and water them. We will teach children the importance of recycling as well as the basics of our environment.


All children will receive balanced meals, which will be chosen along with parents. All of the meals will be prepared on the premises as well. By carefully planning the requirements of every child as well as their nutritional requirements, we will aim to deliver a balanced meal. For children with special dietary requirements or religious obligations, we will make sure that each child gets the very best of what we have to offer.

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