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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If my child starts part- time, and my situation changes, can we do extra days?

A. We do have a provision which allows part time students to change their days, though it would be good if you could provide us with prior notice. However, we understand that emergencies can happen at any point in time. If there is space available, we will be more than happy to enroll your child.

Q. How many of the staff is qualified and what are their qualifications?

Our staff qualifications range from NVQ level 2 to 6 this includes equivalent qualifications such as BTEC, Montessori, Early years foundation and Degree qualifications.

Q. How do you deal with discipline?

A. We do not make use of physical power in order to discipline the child. The preferred way of dealing with a child is that we often descend down to their level and teach them that such activities can often be harmful. The child usually listens. If not, we simply change them in another activity.

Q. Are all staff well versed in first aid?

A. 80% of our staff has had first aid training. If we find that a child is sick, parents will be informed that instant. In case an emergency arises, an ambulance will be called immediately and we will make sure that the child receives maximum attention, while we will make sure that the child’s parents reach the hospital.

Q. Can we get a copy of the menu? My child suffers from allergies?

A. Once the show around is completed, a copy of the menu is given out to all interested parents.

Q. How often are children sent out to play?

A. The mornings and afternoons are reserved for children as play time. Walks are arranged in the parks for the children as well.

Q. Are any parents’ evenings arranged?

A. All parents’ evenings are arranged on a quarterly basis. However, if any parent wishes to speak with us, we are more than happy to meet them at any point in time.

Q. What security measures do you take when meeting children?

A. We have very strict security measures. We first meet with the person who comes to collect your child, and we also require a photo of that person to keep on your child’s file. A password system is also in place.

Q. Do you take part in any voucher schemes?

A. All voucher schemes are more than welcome.

Q. What happens if the child is sick?

A. For the best interests of everybody else at the nursery, we ask the parents to take the child home and care for him/ her.

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