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We have a range of different facilities, such as specialized baby rooms, toddler rooms, preschool rooms and specialized menus for children. We provide children with a special, well supported space for your child, as well as a special room for them to sleep in peace.

Our special, cozy baby unit is designed to provide for all of the needs of your child. By providing constant care from our staff, we will make sure that your child remains well attended and develops at his/ her own pace and grow with confidence.

Key Person.
Your child will be assigned a key person, who will overlook their development and will make sure that all of their needs are met. The key person will provide you with complete information about your child. As the day comes to a close, you will be given a contact book that will provide you with information about how your child’s day went.

***This is a sample menu***

Breakfast Snack Lunch Afternoon snack Supper
Baby cereal and or formula Pear and banana combo with formula or baby rice 1st stage: Sweet vegetable medley2nd stage: Chicken, potato with carrots and broccoli Apple and cinnamon 1st stage: Leek, sweet potato and pea puree
2nd stage: Fish in cheese sauce with potatoes
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    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR PROSPECTUS Click here to download our prospectus Caterpillars Day Nursery Carshalton We are based in the ‘Old Carshalton Library’ which is a substantial Victorian building. Our aim is to ensure all our children are safe, secure and provided with a warm stimulating environment where children can learn and develop at their own pace. >>Download our Prospectus Here>>
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